Survival of the most vulnerable people in our society is threatened by the pandemic crisis with COVID-19. Now is the time to show that the crypto community together makes the world a better place! We at POYPE are launching a donation campaign to help the most vulnerable groups. Our goal is to raise 10 000 BGN to help out communities left out without income due to the crisis. The funds are raised in Bitcoin Cash, which we will donate in BGN to UNICEF, for the following causes:

Food vouchers for those whose income is practically stopped.

Delivery of food vouchers worth 50 BGN for families with children under 3 years and pregnant women who are socially disadvantaged. Your donation will help for one family to have food for several days.

Delivery of hygiene materials for the socially disadvantaged.

Delivery of hygiene materials and guidelines for how to keep personal hygiene. Packages are planned to be distributed to the most vulnerable families. By donating, you will help families to protect themselves from the infection, and to avoid becoming its carriers.

Support for women and children victims of domestic violence.

The donation will increase the capacity of the centers for advocacy and support 'Protection Zone' to provide social, psychological, legal and medical assistance for women and child victims and witnesses of violence.

Krypto currency

For the cause

Every day we see news of increased numbers of women, victims of violence. We hear of families, whose income has ceased due to the Covid 19 pandemic. In this moment the crypto community and everyone who believes in new technologies can show leadership by helping out. POYPE will match the amount raised up to 5 Bitcoin Cash (BCH) - as of 4/25/2020, approximately equal to to BGN 2180 - to help the causes. This is the moment for the crypto community to show that it is active part of a better future and present.

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How to Donate with other cryptocurrencies

We are raising funds in Bitcoin Cash that we will convert to BGN at the end of the campaign and donate to UNICEF. However, if you have other cryptocurrencies and you want to get involved, you can do it following these steps:


On the left, select the cryptocurrency you want to donate. On the right, select Bitcoin Cash


In the field "Your Bitcoin Cash address" enter receiving address of your Bitcoin Cash wallet or directly the fundrising address


If in the previous step you chose to get Bitcoin Cash in your wallet, after receiving the amount, send it to the fundrising address here

How To Donate If You Don't Have Cryptocurrency

We will help you to convert your BGN into Bitcoin Cash and we will send half of the amount to the donation fund. You will receive the other the other half into your crypto wallet. With this amount you will be able to donate more, or keep it to yourself. In doing so you will understand how the technology works, you will contribute for the cause and you will be introduced to an alternative payment system.

Coming soon!

You can donate Bitcoin Cash to the following address:


Currently raised:

Sent to Unicef: 911.03 BGN

Contact us:

Dimitri Kaparis,, +359 887 456781
Boyan Kelchev,, +359 877 202620
Elitsa Kostova,, +359 889 366293